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Is a Social Media Marketing Agency Right for Your Small Business?

One of the burning questions that business owners face is should I use a social media marketing agency?

Where this might not be at the top of your list of things to consider, the benefits of a SMM agency far outweigh the possible shortfalls.

In business, we are always looking for the next best thing to help elevate past the competition. With the modern era of marketing going social, having the ability to utilize social media to the fullest can be a powerful weapon in your businesses branding.

What a social media marketing agency will do for your business (as long as they are a good one), will take your businesses current social media, then elevate it on a few different levels:

  • Optimize your social media profile(s)
  • Build a Targeted Social Media Advertising campaign
  • Implement a social media posting schedule
  • Create content and engagement for your business.

Where each of these aren’t created completely equal, a social media marketing company will help you with these, and free up that valuable time that you need to focus on your business.

Before we get started, take a moment and analyze your social media profiles if you have them for your small business. Look for the key things like what I stated above and gauge where you are starting. This way you have a head start in determining whether or not a social media marketing agency is right for your businesses needs.

Now, lets get into the nitty-gritty of why you should consider a SMM agency.

Optimize your Social Media Profile(s)

Optimize your social media profile

One of the most overlooked things for a business, is your social media profile.

Where you might not think that it is one of the most important things, your social media profile, when properly optimized, allows you to create a consistent funnel of clients or leads to your pipeline.

Lets say you run a physical location that you require customers walking through the doors. Having your social media profile optimized allows your business to become shareable, which builds engagement (which we will talk about more below).

A strong social media marketing agency will take your profile and take it a step further. I’m talking chat bots, proper SEO, website implementation etc. The right SMM agency will even add your service offerings to allow you to have a separate funnel of potential clients/customers to your social media page.

The power of having an optimized social media profile has benefits in its own, a social media marketing agency will ensure that your businesses branding is on point where your customers will be seeing it.

Build a Targeted Social Media Advertising Campaign

Social media advertising is something that has been still underutilized for most small businesses.

Where the traditional word of mouth will work to an extent, social media advertising is something that has to be done to endure into the future with your business. The power of social media advertising is unmatched to date.

Now, where a social media marketing agency comes into play. Targeted social media advertising campaigns are the product of the power of social media.

Think of it this way, your clients or customers have a life, and a lot of their downtime they are browsing on social media to pass the time and go “mindless”. Now, imagine as they are scrolling, they pass an eye-catching ad post, that reminds them, hey I need that!

A social media marketing company does that, building targeted social media advertising campaigns to help clients gain more customers, traffic and build a stronger brand.

Implement a Social Media Posting Schedule

At face value, you won’t generally think about when is the right time to post to your social media profiles.

However, there is much more that goes into posting to social media than just throwing up a photo and hoping that it reaches your profiles audience.

An SMM marketing agency will find out the best times to post content to your page, and with the right frequency that will allow for the highest possibility of not just business, but potentially repeat business.

This allows your business to start building a consistent schedule for your social media. Which in turn will help with potential leads and building an audience that gets excited for any of the content that you are posting.

Social Media Management isn’t just your run of the mill posting, it is an all-around effort to build your businesses audience, which will turn into valuable clients or customers.

Create Content and Engagement for Your Business

social media marketing sponsored posts in facebook

Content is always key when it comes to maintaining a solid social media profile or even your website.

Content has to be unique to your profile, that is one of the biggest keys of building a community and more organic traffic.

Where it is easy to post photos of your services or products to your page and hope for the best, did you know the true importance of hashtags and hashtag research for Facebook and Instagram?

In order to create the right engagement, a social media marketing agency will do extensive research on the trends in your industry. Not only that but creating graphics and imagery that complements perfectly built copy that funnels your community into taking action.

How to Find the Right Social Media Marketing Agency

Marketing plan of action for small businesses

Finding the right social media marketing agency can be a struggle. Small businesses don’t necessarily have the time and energy to reach out to a ton of different agencies.

However, finding the right SMM agency can be the make or break of your efforts with social media marketing.

Agencies are few and far between nowadays, where it almost seems like you can throw a rock out of any window and hit a ton of “social media marketing guru’s”.

The thing is, not all agencies are created equal.

As a small business owner, you want someone who understands your position. Someone who can put themselves into your shoes and create a catered campaign with your goals in mind.

Anyone can throw ads out to a ton of people and get you clicks, but not everyone can build a campaign that gives you a REAL ROI.

Want to know the real difference between agencies? Talk with us at Libra Web and Marketing Solutions today. Your business will thank you.