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Website Design and SEO

Here are website designs that we’ve successfully completed for our clients. Within each, you will find results, elements breakdown, and more web design specific information.

Distinguishing your automotive company can be a tricky task. That is where the DRZA Auto web re-design comes in. With added features, shopping cart, as well as a modern responsive website design.

Wave Media Systems is a home theater and commercial av company in Orlando. From the beginnings of a new web design, they have experience an increase in search keywords, traffic, and conversions.

Extreme Graphics is a signs company based in Lake Hamilton. They have experienced organic search increases, conversion rate, and more monthly website visitors.

Thumb Sports Photography is a sports photographer based in Reese, MI. From the ground up their website was designed and continues to be maintained with increases in calls, conversion rates and traffic.

Titan Pest Control trusted us with their new startup web design. They are a Pest Control company based in the Kissimmee and Polk County areas. They started with a new website design, hosting plan and SEO.

Social Media Marketing & PPC Marketing

Libra specializes in building conversion and branding oriented social media marketing campaigns. 

PPC marketing is one of the common names for Google Ads management. We build and maintain local and nationwide Google ad campaigns for clients around the world. Here are some of our results.

As a leader in the commercial salon leasing industry. We’ve worked with 10 of their Salon Plaza and My Salon Suite locations nationwide. With social media management and marketing.

Combined with the use of our Google Ads service, each location that we have serviced experienced complete booking of all available spaces for lease.

Hawaiian Rumble is a mini-golf attraction located in the Lake Buena Vista area. They continue to experience increased foot traffic, more guest calls, and increased party size.

Paired with zip code keyword-focused PPC ads, we’ve increased traffic, calls, and much more specific KPIs in the small attraction industry.