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The 5 Web Design Must’s for All Business Sites

Nowadays, small businesses have to prioritize how their websites appear in front of customers, with the ever-increasing reliance of businesses and consumers on websites as the primary point of contact. The most innovative approach to obtaining a return on investment from your website is to make sure it tells your message concisely and truthfully. Here are five simple truths to follow when it comes to web design:

1. Establish a Consistent Branding Strategy That Reflects Your Organization

The way people view your business and the quality of your services is heavily influenced by the design of your website. Maintaining your existing brand on your website may go a long way toward establishing confidence with visitors. You want people to come to your site and instantly connect the visuals to your brand.

A basic and modern design is generally the most practical option. Complex or crowded designs might draw visitors’ attention away from your content, affecting your conversion rates.

2. Websites Should Have an Easy to Use Navigation

Visitors shouldn’t have to take more than a few seconds to find your list of services or blog content. Put yourself in the mind of the customer. What brought them to your doorstep? How will they accomplish a particular activity, like making a price inquiry? Whatever the reason, if visitors can’t have it in a snap, they’re likely to leave.

In the market, there is too much competition. Users don’t have to suffer through awkward website navigation. All they have to do is leave your site and go somewhere for greener pastures.

3. Make Your Call to Actions (CTA) Stand Out

CTAs are instrumental, especially for high-intent customers who’ve decided to make a purchase already. CTAs must be significant, bold, and strong, and they have to stand out as the next step for your visitors. However, most websites lack a CTA button that can be identified in under three seconds. Without a practical CTA button, you’ll have a hard time making conversions.

The location of your CTA varies from page to page. For example, the CTA should be prominently displayed at the beginning of blog entries so that readers can see it quickly and at the bottom when they have finished reading the piece.

4. Use Your Brand Narrative To Connect With Visitors

The most frequent way for humans to make sense of the world and connect is through stories. We all have unquenchable appetites for entertaining stories.

The best stories inflame something already present with customers. Was it a desire to reward themselves? A need to belong with a like-minded community? Whatever the reason, it’s stories that break down the walls of apprehension and lead the way to participation and eventual conversion. With this in mind, maybe set aside the data for later and make an effort to connect with your target community with stories. Integrating brand storytelling and narrative into every niche of your website can be one of the most impactful web design practices.

5. Ensure a Responsive and Adaptive Design

People will use various devices to view your website, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. You must ensure that whichever they use, they can access and navigate your sites without a problem. Responsive design is the best method to accomplish this. Your website’s responsive design guarantees that it adapts to the browsers and screen sizes used by your visitors.

Nearly 75% of all search engine traffic comes via mobile phones now, without having the proper responsive website design implemented, not only are you losing website ranks, but most importantly, your conversion rate for your visitors will drop.


These are a few but impactful suggestions that could positively rock your website’s outlook. It might be time to start fresh with a new concept if your website showed dismal results in the past. As they say, 20 percent of what you’re doing is the culprit behind 80 percent of what you’re achieving. Identify those practices and draw upon them to achieve your success.

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