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The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing for CPA’s (Case Study)

Marketing for any sized CPA firm isn’t an easy battle. With the right tools, your firm could be consistently gaining new clients each and every month. Digital marketing for CPA’s poses a huge problem time.

The time that it takes to do the research for your CPA marketing campaign sometimes can far outweigh the ROI that you receive with the results.

However, Libra Web and Marketing has a solution for you. We manage campaigns and fully optimize audiences and ad sets which helps give you better ROI, cheaper clicks, and in turn more clients running to your business for your CPA services.

Objective Focused Social Media Ads

digital marketing for cpa's social media marketing for cpa's facebook advertising for cpa's

The first thing that we do when working with any CPA is go over what the biggest objective that you want to accomplish with running paid advertisements. Often, we like to run a combination of conversion ads, engagement as well as traffic ads.

With social media, each of these styles of ads that we run, will in turn raise brand awareness to your CPA firm, while also giving your new potential clients a taste of how your business can help them accomplish the goals that they set out for themselves.

Ensuring that the right type of objective is targeted for your campaign. This gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to other CPA firms in the area because your marketing efforts are targeting exactly the potential customers that you are setting out to convert into your valued clients. This Digital marketing for CPA’s strategy helps narrow down that target audience and convert better.

CPA Social Media Marketing Audiences

digital marketing for cpa's social media marketing for cpa's facebook advertising for cpa's

This is the key to the success of the ads that we run with any of our CPA clients. We build custom audiences to suit the exact target client that you have for your business. For instance, if you wanted to target startup companies, we build each audience that is catered to getting your more CPA clients that are startup businesses.

Each of the audiences is catered to your CPA business. Where we have years of experience with building audiences, this is the key to the success of your paid advertisements. Even when working with Google Ads and Social Media, we combine our expertise to build audiences, while also compiling extensive lists of keywords that can be applied to not just your social media campaign, but your Google Ads campaign as well.

When building an audience, it isn’t just about throwing the ad to a ton of people and hoping something sticks, it is delivering the ad to a laser targeted audience that is in NEED of your CPA services.

Creating Ads for Your CPA Firm

digital marketing for cpa's social media marketing for cpa's facebook advertising for cpa's

One of the most tricky parts about creating any ad for a CPA firm is actually designing the ads themselves. Where you can use a generic post and reach your audience, but that doesn’t necessarily get you results. Each ad is created with engagement in mind, whether you are looking for more shares, link clicks, likes etc. When creating each ad, they are made to assist your ROI, not to hurt it.

During the ad creation process, we are constantly testing what will work best for your business and industry. Specifically, when you are in the CPA/Accounting space, your customers will drastically change with the objective that you want to accomplish. If you are looking for small business owners, maybe a carousel ad will work, but that doesn’t mean it will work if you are looking to acquire more high net worth clients.

Each ad is designed to not only help assist you in getting a better ROI, but help drive the conversions that you are wanting for the growth of your CPA business.

Driving Results for CPA Social Media Marketing

digital marketing for cpa's social media marketing for cpa's facebook advertising for cpa's

Results are the bread and butter of what we do when marketing for your CPA firm. Besides, that is the biggest thing you are looking for right?

Our goals are to make sure that your paid advertisements for your CPA firm give you the best ROI while having the lowest costs possible. For instance, take this campaign for one of our clients whom wanted to reach the most amount of people for a tax season campaign. With this campaign (multiple ad sets) we were able to reach over 112,841 people during that time. Even if brand awareness was your objective, that amount of people while keeping CPM (Cost per 1,000 People Reached) low is a win no matter how you look at it.

We also we able to drive thousands of link clicks through the campaign as well, which helps drive your potential customers closer to making a buying decision on your CPA services.

Controlling Your ROI For Your CPA Firms Social Media Marketing

digital marketing for cpa's social media marketing for cpa's facebook advertising for cpa's

Running ads for social media marketing, especially when you are a CPA firm, many things get lost in the translation of the complexity of properly optimized ads. However, we focus on giving you the results that affect your bottom line.

Using all of the methods that we’ve already talked about, we were able to take action and get sub-$2.00 website conversions. These included landing page views, contacts, and post views as well. Each is made in efforts to funnel your ideal client further into the pipeline, and closer to becoming a valued customer of your businesses.

While we focus on delivering the results, the ultimate goal is to ensure you have a sustainable system for your CPA firm that allows you to consistently get clients each and every month. The best part is that all of the results you get come at a flat fee, no extra charges on our end.

Digital marketing for CPA firms is a process that is ever-changing. However, with the right tools like the ones outlined above, you will be able to elevate your digital marketing for your CPA firm. Plus, you get the added bonus of having the experts right at your fingertips.

Want to learn more and get started on getting more clients for your CPA firm? Contact us Here or fill out the form below and we will schedule a quick 15-minute strategy call with you to go over your goals and more about our system.