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Client Reviews

Libra Web & Marketing has been such an amazing asset to our company! From the start, Dustin has worked with our team to get every detail of our company's website just right. Prompt and professional, his expertise with user experience and marketing were exactly what we were looking for in a marketing partner. We're so happy with the hard work that he has done, and continues to do, for our company. We can't thank Libra enough!

Vanessa O'Neill

Libra Web and Marketing Solutions was fantastic with meeting my needs for my website, it was a long drawn out process on my part, but this company stood by my side and was extremely professional on all levels.

Lara Wagner
Thumb Sports Photography

THE BEST, super professional, super quick, Dustin helped me a lot and designed a website completely matching my style. I'm in Australia and the communication was top notch. 5 stars !! Best decision ever

Mel Hoehne

Libra Web and Marketing helped get my business quickly to the point I needed it to be.

Lori Trotter
My Salon Suite

I encountered problems in launching a website myself and Dustin came to the rescue. He got it done quick and right.

Bill Redmond

Man hands down Dustin is the best in the business. He customizes all of your wants and needs to your liking and doesn't charge an arm or a leg for it. Very friendly and will go out if us way to satisfy his clients. He is very knowledgeable in this field and can definitely deliver on anything you ask of him.

Joshua Betrand

Amazing to work with and always very helpful!!! Definitely recommend Libra Web and Marketing!!

Kathrin Downs