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Custom Web Design & SEO For Your Small Business

Small Business Web Design Simplified

Libra is one of the only true small business web design and SEO agencies in Central Florida. We make small business web design and SEO simple, just look through our plans below, select one, and get started!

Website Design

We tailored our web design services to small businesses. As a local leader in web design and marketing, we've made it our mission to streamline the process of building modern, responsive websites.

SEO Service

Websites that Libra designs all have an element of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can range from the copy that is present on each of your websites pages, or deeper within site meta tags.

Hassle-Free Terms

We offer flexible terms and payment arrangements for our website design plans. All of our websites carry a satisfaction guarantee, to ensure we get the job done right, the first time.


Custom Landing Page
Basic SEO Service
Up to 5 Stock Images
Free Domain Registration & 6 Month Hosting
Responsive Mobile Design
2 - Revisions
Add-Ons Available


3 Custom Pages
Basic SEO Service
Up to 10 Stock Images
Free Domain Registration
Free 6 Month Hosting
Responsive Mobile Design
3 - Revisions
Logo Design

Unlimited - Recurring

Unlimited Pages
Advanced SEO Service
Ongoing SEO Services
Unlimited Stock Images
Free Domain Registration & Hosting
Web page Copywriting
Website Maintenance
Add-Ons Available

Deliver a website experience your visitors will love

Did you know that up to 94% of people judge a business based on their website design? It is one of the most important factors they consider when choosing to move forward to do business, or move on. And if your visitors don’t trust you based off your website, they won’t think twice about your business again. That is the power of a website design. If the design is tacky and looks unprofessional, then it will harshly affect your image. It might continue to scare away your potential customers, and you don’t want that.

So here is what we do, our design process involves creating a custom website that will build your business’ credibility through the latest trends in web design.

Stand out from the competition

Let’s face facts, if you stick to the normal web design, your website will most likely look exactly like your competitors’ websites. And if your website looks the same, your users will forget about your brand the moment they hit the back button. This is especially true for small to medium and start-up businesses.

The moment a visitor lands on your website – on any webpage – keep them glued to your website and ensure that you leave a strong, overwhelmingly positive impact on them. We will help you stand out from your competitors by creating a design specifically tailored to your business or brand.

Grow and build a solid base of followers

What is the use of having a fully functional website if the design won’t help you retain and convert your customers? You have probably stumbled across some websites whose designs are so good that you shared them with others. Some websites have that effect, right?

When your website provides a great user experience (UX), people will most likely remember and recommend your business to other people. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. You can gain more traffic and attract new customers with it. We will build a website that will showcase what you offer using elements that will provide the best UX.

Increase your social media presence

How is web design related to social media? Easy. If your website offers intuitive social media buttons, then it will be easier for your website visitors to share your website’s links on their social media profiles. The higher number of shares you get, the more people see your links.

Not only will you reach new audiences, but being shared on social media will also help elevate your social signals, which is an indirect element of increasing your search engine rank. We can help you build a website that can go viral by providing easy-to-share web page designs.

Make your website responsive

Fun fact: Over Half (50%+) of global online searches are done using mobile phones. Gone are the days when websites simply shrink when you use your smartphone. Do you remember pinching and zooming every side of the entire web page trying to find what you’re looking for? Today, that is not the case.

As Google launched their new search engine algorithm named “Mobilegeddon”, mobile responsiveness has never been this important. You must make sure that your website will load correctly on all devices, no matter what the screen size is. We will create a mobile responsive web design to make sure that you website’s traffic across all devices will not be wasted.

Deliver an awesome user-experience

You should always remember – you are not the only business that customers can have a deal with. You have tons of competitors out there waiting to steal your potential customers. So don’t give them the chance to do so. Ensure that your customers will go through the buyer’s journey in a convenient way.

Your website structure should be easy to navigate. If it takes users too long to find what they are looking for or do what they want to do on your website, it will end in high bounce rates and will decrease your conversions. We will ensure that your website has organized navigation, structure, and layout to encourage more interaction with your customers. Also this will make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for.