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The 7 Definitive Strategies of Digital Marketing to Dominate 2022

Updated Jan. 2022.

For any business owner, you are always faced with struggles when it comes to digital marketing strategies. What works? What doesn’t?

When it comes to starting a new year off right, there are a few actions that you can take as a business owner to dominate your digital marketing strategies. Whether it is social media marketing, website design or any other aspect of digital marketing.

Certain strategies work for certain businesses and industries where others don’t necessarily cut it.

However, today we are going to go over 7 digital marketing strategies that will help you dominate 2020 no matter what industry your business is in.

Leveraging Social Media

Social Media is a hot topic nowadays, which is very well should be. Let’s face it, if you aren’t using social media, you won’t last much longer.

There is a reason that businesses like Toy’s R Us have died off in the last few years (eCommerce hurt them as well, but that’s a different story). Social media marketing isn’t just another trend, it is along the same lines as TV when it started.

As a business owner, you have to look at the ROI potential. Industry leaders have been leveraging social media already for the last 5+ years or more, there is a reason that they’ve grown astronomically in that time period.

When it comes down to it, leveraging social media simply means using it as a tool. Shift your thinking past the idea that social media is strictly “social”. You have to focus your attention on the channel that is holding your ideal customer/client’s attention, and that is all social media platforms.

Create Content

Content, content, content!

This is a valuable tool for anyone, not just a business owner. Content is your gateway to that attention that we spoke about in the social media section.

Content for many might start with actually writing content on your website. It can also mean videos on YouTube, posts on Facebook, conversations on LinkedIn and more.

Like people like Gary Vaynerchuck have spoken about, content is king. Think of it as your gateway to creating an organic reach that is outside of your marketing dollars. The ROI can’t be more clear right?

Where it does take a substantial amount of time you will be able to measure the results throughout the entire year, not just for a specific day. This allows us to measure success more clearly than just through a traditional CPC aspect.

Targeted Outreach

If you are like me, you get a TON of spam emails from all sorts of different people/businesses.

Now, if you are one of these businesses especially, take notes.

Targeted outreach in digital marketing can mean a more clear audience for your campaigns. Whether you are working with digital, email, social media etc. having a more targeted and defined ideal audience is going to be a huge key.

For instance, knowing whether or not you want to target every single business owner in a certain area, versus targeting those who are in more need of the service. Ie. A Landscaper doing outreach to an industrial warehouse just doesn’t make sense.

One of the oldest methods of outreach has to be email campaigns. Nowadays we are lucky to live in the day and age where we have tools that help reduce a lot of the legwork like SendGrid.

Check out this video to get a better idea of targeted outreach for your email campaigns:

That video is by SEO link builder Julian Goldie

Getting down to the nitty-gritty and accurately defining your ideal client is going to be a huge key to your success in 2021.

Iron Clad Website Design

This might be a topic that has been over talked about for the last decade, but guess what…. it is still relevant! Having an iron-clad website design is going to continue being a key in 2021 as well.

Moving forward having a website isn’t just an extra luxury, it is a must when it comes to the business world.

Think about any brand or company that you’ve heard about, they have a website. 2021 is a perfect time to iron out your website design and digital marketing woes and start off on the right foot.

The website can’t just be your basic one either, it must contain elements to actually retain your audience and rank in your major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Having this will give you an upper hand in your digital marketing strategies since it is able to tie into the other topics that we touch on, such as social media marketing.

Your website is your online face of your business, you can’t let it fall in between the cracks of your busy business, it just like content must be nurtured and updated regularly for relevance.

Out of the Box Content Strategies

Content is going to be a huge way for any digital marketing strategy to dominate the new year.

Now content doesn’t mean making 1000 blog posts on your website while trying to rank for keywords. This isn’t nearly as effective anymore.

When you are creating content, you have to think about it in ways of leverage. You have to not only have content there, but to use multiple channels of social media, website, and even in person.

Creating content for a business could mean a blog post, social media post, LinkedIn article etc.

There are hundreds of ways to create content, it mainly comes down to actually being able to engage with your audience in a way that your competition does not.

Like the landscaper, for instance, they can go ahead and create project posts on social media, showcasing their hard work and services. This is just one way of producing content. Especially for established businesses that are learning the importance of these digital marketing strategies, the content won’t stop flowing.

Leverage Your Channels

Of the 7 digital marketing strategies that we have been discussing, like above, leverage is key.

Now, as a business in 2021you should have at least 2 social media channels, if not more. Those being Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

If you don’t, well you might want to start here and read this post.

However, leveraging your social media channels is going to continue being important. This doesn’t just mean posting bland content, it has to have some value.

Take advantage of tools like Hootsuite for social scheduling, they help a ton!

However, you have to understand that you can’t just rinse and repeat the same posts for all of your social media channels. You have to be mindful of the audience (see above) you are targeting.

For instance, your LinkedIn post shouldn’t necessarily be the same as your Instagram post, that could be true for tone, copy, and even the image itself.

Using the multiple channels to your advantage will not only help you grow your business, but it will help you REACH these new potential clients that other channels may not have been reaching.

Don’t Sleep On Social Media

Let’s say it again, for the biggest digital marketing strategy of 2021, don’t sleep on social media!

Social media marketing is the new way of acquiring clients no matter the industry you are in.

Digital marketing is all about finding where your ideal clients/customers are spending their free time. Think of it as a tool that is doing the job of client acquisition without you having to do individualized emails.

We don’t want to miss out on these opportunities. Finding that leverage for social media is just the tip of the iceberg, it is a powerful tool for any business, no matter what industry you are in.

Adding social media to your digital marketing strategies is going to be the biggest key to success in 2020 and beyond.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Success

Digital marketing strategies can be very tricky for the average small business. However, following these 7 actionable tips, 2021 will be more successful in digital marketing than you would think.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you have, or if you are wanting to learn more about what we do at Libra Web and Marketing.

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